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Sale and Unitrust

Are your appreciated assets (such as stock, bonds or real estate) producing little or no income?

If you sell your appreciated assets, you will pay a large capital gains tax. A sale and charitable remainder unitrust may be the solution.

Sale and Unitrust
Cash Received
Income to Donor
World Vision

How a Sale and Unitrust Works

  1. You give a portion of your asset.
  2. The asset is sold, you receive cash and the rest goes to fund your charitable trust.
  3. The trust provides you with income for the rest of your life.
  4. You receive a charitable deduction this year to offset your tax on the sale.
  5. After your lifetime, the remaining value in the unitrust passes to World Vision for its ministry work.

Benefits of a Sale and Unitrust

  • Receive cash.
  • Receive income for the rest of your life and future retirement.
  • Secure a charitable tax deduction that may reduce your tax bill this year.
  • Help bring life-transforming change to children in need after your lifetime.

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions about making a sale and unitrust, please click here to send us an email or call 1.800.426.5753.