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Building a better world for children today and tomorrow....

All of us have a story to tell and a legacy to leave. Below are inspiring stories of faithful supporters like you. Each has included World Vision in their estate plan so they can continue to support World Vision after their lifetime - it's their legacy of love to the world's children.

World Vision is effective-that's why we're investing with them.
"World Vision is effective-that's why we're investing with them."

Robert & Carol Karlin, California
part of the World Vision family since 1978

Together, Robert and Carol have circled the globe. "We've been practically everywhere," they say, "from South America to Africa-and we have seen the need."

The couple had sponsored many children through World Vision, but their travels left them wanting to do even more.

"My husband and I are so fortunate," Carol explains. "He's been such a wise steward of our finances. Recently we realized that we have quite a large estate-all of a sudden, we felt the Lord leading us to share what we have with others."

This sense of calling led Robert and Carol to add World Vision as a beneficiary of their will. Now they can take satisfaction in knowing that their giving will continue beyond their lifetime.

"I'm so relieved!" Carol exclaims. "It's a big load off my mind to know that if anything happens to us, our money will go to some wonderful things."

Even more, Robert and Carol enjoy knowing that their legacy will benefit children for years to come. "It's brings me such joy," Carol says. "I've never believed that you should give in order to get. It's just a gift that you have and want to share.

"Besides," she adds with a smile, "it doesn't belong to us anyway!"

"We just want to make a difference, so we can say that we helped people survive and maybe even come to know Christ. World Vision does so many good things for children and the communities they're in; we can't imagine a better place to entrust our estate."

Do your current plans reflect the legacy you want to leave?
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