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Building a better world for children today and tomorrow....

All of us have a story to tell and a legacy to leave. Below are inspiring stories of faithful supporters like you. Each has included World Vision in their estate plan so they can continue to support World Vision after their lifetime - it's their legacy of love to the world's children.

I'm doing what I can to help others.
"I'm doing what I can to help others."

Kent Meisenheimer
Part of the World Vision family since 1981

Kent Meisenheimer has been a World Vision child sponsor for more than three decades-ever since he saw a World Vision TV program and was moved to help a child in need. "Right now, I sponsor a girl from Bangladesh," he shares.

Kent is confident that through World Vision, his gifts will have an impact. "A relatively modest amount can make such a big difference to a child somewhere," he says. "It's really worth it." And that's Kent's main motivation for giving-doing all he can for others. "Jesus said that we should go out into the world and help. This is a way I can do that. It's about doing what I can, when I can."

Over the years, Kent has sponsored several children, and one thing he loves is the opportunity to learn about their lives and watch them grow up. "I enjoy getting the reports and seeing the pictures each year as they get a little older," says Kent. "It's fun to see how their interests change and how their handwriting improves."

Kent also loves that sponsorship gives him an opportunity to serve God and use the gifts he's been given. "I feel that the Lord has blessed me and given me the gift of mercy," he reflects. "God's been with me through thick and thin." Through sponsorship, Kent can be there for someone less fortunate than himself.

And now, Kent can be there for children in need even after his lifetime, because he has included World Vision in his will. "I don't have children or grandchildren," he explains. "I thought I would leave what I have to organizations I know are helping to make the world a better place. World Vision is one of those."

Do your current plans reflect the legacy you want to leave?
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