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All of us have a story to tell and a legacy to leave. Below are inspiring stories of faithful supporters like you. Each has included World Vision in their estate plan so they can continue to support World Vision after their lifetime - it's their legacy of love to the world's children.

There is no better way to bless others...
"There is no better way to bless others..."

Delores Thomas, Ohio
World Vision partner since 1990

Delores knows exactly what kind of legacy she'd like to leave: "a statement to the world that God is love."

"Life is just a fleeting moment," she says. "Everything we do is in a moment that God allows us to have." That's why Delores took action now to secure her legacy with a bequest to World Vision.

"World Vision is first among those I'm leaving my money to?that's how important they are to me. Having a will was always in the back of my mind," she explains, "but when I got some information from World Vision, I realized that now is the time to take care of it."

For Delores, it's a simple matter of fulfilling her God-given mission. "To truly be what God expects us to be, we must be a blessing to others. We have to give of ourselves in every way possible?with our time, our money, and our love.

"World Vision is helping me to be that blessing."

Delores believes this kind of legacy can change the world?and for good reason. "If each of us would love one person one day at a time," she says, "that love would go around the world?and the world would not be the same."

Do your current plans reflect the legacy you want to leave?
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