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All of us have a story to tell and a legacy to leave. Below are inspiring stories of faithful supporters like you. Each has included World Vision in their estate plan so they can continue to support World Vision after their lifetime - it's their legacy of love to the world's children.

Everything we have is given from God, and we need to share it with others.
"Everything we have is given from God, and we need to share it with others."

Seung Sam You and Soon Youl Cho, New York
Part of the World Vision family since 2003

"Like most people around my age in Korea, I grew up in poverty," shares Seung Sam about his childhood during the Korean War. He struggled to earn enough money to pay for school expenses and to finish high school in the post-war reconstruction period.

Desiring to provide a better life for his family, Seung Sam moved them to the United States in 1989. Like many immigrants, Seung Sam and his wife, Soon Youl, worked hard to build a successful business and provide an excellent education for their children. They were careful not to give them too much in hope that their son and daughter would become independent.

When Seung Sam reflects on his life, he is thankful for God's blessings and desires to share with others what he has received. Looking back on his childhood when he was often hungry, Seung Sam wanted to help other children in need. So he and his wife began sponsoring two children in Africa through World Vision.

"Because of our trust in the organization, we recently designated World Vision as a beneficiary of our estate through our will. We are thankful for God's grace. We have no worries or complaints, we are just thankful."

"Our children came to the U.S. when they were little. They were raised mostly in the States and were educated well. While it is customary for most parents to pass down everything to their offspring, we think differently. We felt the urgency to help the poor in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. We need to take care of everyone as well as our own children."

Do your current plans reflect the legacy you want to leave?
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